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All of Sweden's digital brokerage assistant

We assist real estate brokers through the entire brokerage process.

For brokers, by brokers.

We help you increase your sales.

With the right assistance, you can increase your sales and improve your customer satisfaction while reducing your workload. We assist real estate brokers through the entire mediation process from intake to access.

For us, it is important that you as a broker feel safe with our services, but it is equally important that your customers are at least as satisfied - both buyers and sellers.

Our Services

We assist real estate brokers with administrative services linked to the brokerage process. We offer a wide range of services including intake of all property documentation, copywriting for property advertisements, property transfers and so much more.


We work completely digitally, so you can use our services wherever in the world you are and at any time. Not only that, but there is also no obligation! We pride ourselves in having no binding contracts which means no sale, no fee! This means you only pay for the services you actually use.

You can see our entire range of services here:

Pssst... We are in Vitec!


We are a fully integrated service provider in the leading platform for real estate brokers in Sweden. Contact us to start ordering our services directly through Vitec Express.


Fast, easy, simple!

We are there for you throughout the entire sales process.

From intake to closed deal.

So that you can focus on your customers, both existing ones and taking new market shares, we are here to relieve your administrative work. We have services for every part of the brokerage process so you can choose exactly what you want help with for each individual deal.​ Whether your goal is to gain new market shares, reduce your stress or be able to spend more time with your family, we are here for you all the way!


Seamless  Workflow

You order, we deliver. As simple as that.

We know that time is of the essence for real estate brokers - that's why we work as hard as we can to make our workflow as seamless as possible.


All-In-One Solution

We have thought of most things. At least we think so!

Our services are developed by brokers and are under constant development to adapt to the needs of the broker and the market. 


Comprehensive Customer Service

We care about you as a customer. We are always one call or email away.


Therefore we place great importance at good and comprehensive customer service.

Innovative Work Tools

Welcome to BAS (Broker Assistance Service)!

Our own platform where you can easily order services and communicate directly with the employee who performs your service. As a Vitec user, you can do this through Vitec!

Order our services on the go

Sometimes it gets messy. Between customer meetings, property transfers and longwinded viewings, anything can happen. Don't worry, we're here to help! You can order our services wherever you are, at any time, with just a few clicks!

No sale, no fee. Use our services risk free.

We know that each month looks different.

Onflow Communication was started by brokers with the broker's best interests in mind. We know that a commission-based salary makes each and every month look different. To avoid fixed costs, we have a payment model where you only pay when you have been paid. When it comes to cost vs revenue, this is risk free service at its best!

No pre-payments. No subscription costs. Pay only for the services you use. Pay only when the property transfer is complete. 

Our workflow

You order our services through our platform BAS or directly via Vitec. Our team of broker assistants deliver the ordered services within 48 hours*. When the service is completed, you will receive a notification via email. Payment only takes place after the property is sold! *All services that are not dependent on third parties are delivered within 48 hours non-holiday weekdays. We also offer an express service that cuts the delivery time in half!

About us

Onflow Communication was founded in 2019 by experienced real estate brokers who saw the need for administrative assistance conflicting with a fluctuating market and irregular income. Many agencies hesitate to hire full-time real estate assistants to keep fixed costs down. There, the idea of a digital brokerage assistant was born. With a digital and location-independent broker assistant, we distribute the workload without you as a real estate agent or owner being tied to fixed costs. With us, as a real estate broker, you can get the administrative help you need when you need it and only pay when the deal is closed. We have a team of broker assistants ready to take care of your administrative tasks. All you have to do is order with one click!

*All services that are not dependent on third parties are delivered within 48h  non-holiday weekdays. We also offer an express service that halves the delivery time! 

Onflow Communication AB

Lilla Nygatan 6

Box 2090

103 12Stockholm


+46 8 559 21 211

+46 10 263 00 40

Opening hours

Weekdays 07:00-16:00

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